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Belgrade Boat Rental is rent a boat, boat cruise and boat charter platform which is organized to promote Sava and Danube nautical tourism and introduce Belgrade from its rivers.  Many tourists and locals have questions:


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  • How to discover fun in Belgrade rivers?
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  • Where to rent a boat in Belgrade?


Belgrade Boat Rental has all the answers to your questions and much more to offer to promote nature, sports, nautics and Belgrade rivers way of life.


Belgrade Boat Tours


Being situated on the confluence of two large European rivers, there are many places of interest to see when renting a boat in Belgrade, but let us suggest a thing or two, give you just a couple of proposals for different Belgrade boat tours so that you can get an idea of how to spend an hour or a day on board, why not?


Belgrade is situated on the confluence of two international European rivers, Danube and Sava, at the 1170th km of the Danube waterway.  There are numerous places of historical, archeological and cultural significance in and around Belgrade that you can visit by boat, not to mention stunning nature, protected areas, beaches, islands, and alike.


If you are not that into history or art, you can always choose water sports or swimming, or you can just enjoy local food and drinks in one of the gastronomic paradises on the rivers, which we would be glad to recommend.


There is no use bragging about all interesting spots in the neighborhood. Time is money, we know!  So these are the things you don’t want to miss when on Belgrade boat tours:


One-Hour Belgrade Boat Tours


Cruising around the Great War Island, with a fantastic view of the Kalemegdan fortress and a Belgrade landmark – the Victor (Pobednik) sculpture and going up the Danube to the coast of Zemun (1173km) looking at the Millenium tower.


Two-Hour Belgrade Boat Tours


Cruising up the Sava river, passing Belgrade Harbor Master office, International terminal for cruise ships, Belgrade Waterfront project, City fair, overviewing Kalemegdan, Sava Mala district, St. Michael’s Cathedral, going under almost every Belgrade bridge, including technological miracle and unique construction – the Ada Bridge, and reaching Ada Medjica island, a unique river oasis with the most beautiful sunsets in Belgrade.


Three/Four-Hour Belgrade Boat Tours


  1. Cruising down the Danube to the “White rock” weekend settlement on the Forkontumac island (1160km), famous for its wild sandy beaches.


  1. Cruising up the Danube (1180km) and visiting the Loess profile Kapela in Batajnica and Zemun Loess profile, which are Category III nature monuments of geological character, approximately million years old.


One Day Belgrade Boat Tours


Taking a nice downstream Danube cruise to the 1158 km where you will find two islands (Forkontumac and Cakljanac)  which divide the Danube into three meanders (the so called “little, middle and big waters”). Prepare to enter a genuine paradise, famous for its fishing spots, hidden camping places and almost untouched nature abundant in birds, animals and fish. Spend a day swimming, making a barbecue or just sipping a cold beer in the shade.


Two Day+ Belgrade Boat Tours


Up the Danube boat tour:


  1. Belegish village, (1200km) with its breathtaking nature, numerous sandy islands with shallow water, suitable for children and chilling during hot summer days.
  2. Confluence of the Tisa River, Fishermen’s paradise, stari Slankamen, old Roman settlement, latter castrum Zelenkamen from the year 1702.
  3. (1232-1250km) Nature reserve “Kovilj – Petrovaradin marshes”
  4. Wine tour to the one of the most famous European wine capitols – Sremski Karlovci.
  5. Novi Sad (1255km), the second biggest Serbian town called “Serbian Athens”, with one of the best preserved European Middle age fortresses Petrovaradin. The city annually hosts the best European music festival EXIT which takes place in July.


Down the Danube boat tour:


  1. Smederevo (1116km), the city of iron and grapes, with its famous fortress, ancient political and cultural center and one of the last military strongholds of the medieval Serbian Despotate.
  2. Vinca (1145km), the cradle of European civilization. The remains of the oldest Neolithic civilization in the EU, also known as Turdas – Vinca culture, lies on the right bank of the Danube, not far from Belgrade, dating back to 4th millennium BC.
  3. Viminacium (1094km), remains of the Roman city and a legionary fort, the spot that holds a distinction of having the largest number of graves discovered in any Roman archaeological site. Until 2018 15,000 graves were discovered.
  4. The Ram Fortress (1077km): a 15th century fort situated on a steep slope on the right bank of the Danube, built by the Romans on the remains of the Antic and Byzantine foundations.
  5. Silver lake (1062km) or Srebrno jezero is an oxbow lake along the right bank of the Danube, in the Braničevo region in eastern Serbia, near the town of Veliko Gradište. About 300m wide and 14 km long. It is a popular tourist resort.


Duration of Belgrade boat tours may vary depending on departure point and type of a boat. Suggested tours are based on boat speed of 15km/h and down town boarding. If you choose to rent a speed boat you will be in position to reach further in less time. It means that you will have the opportunity to do “a few-day tour” in one day.


Discover Belgrade rivers, choose among different Belgrade boat tours and rent a boat now!

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Most of the suggested locations are recommended by Trip Advisor as well.